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Just a couple of local car guys.

As avid automotive enthusiasts themselves, Rob and Jeff understand the challenge with the automotive lifestyle: space.

So in 2019, they started Poppy's (named after Rob's daughter/Jeff's Granddaughter). It's a simple, no frills shop looking to provide you with everything your car might need for short and long-term storage. Everything that comes into the shop gets put on a battery tender and put under a protective car cover. Poppy's is also happy to handle basics like regular start ups, over-inflate tires, adding in fuel stabilizer or any other quirks your prized possession may require while during its stay in the discrete, insured, secure and climate controlled facility

They've got personal cars in the shop as well, so when you store with Rob and Jeff at Poppy's you can be assured that your car will be treated as one of their own.

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